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Hotel Osimar Rome
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Getting to the Hotel

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From Fiumicino Airport guests should take the train to Tiburtina - not to be confused with the Leonardo Express Train to Termini which is typically the tourist option. From Ciampino there are numerous coach services to Termini. From Termini we’d recommend simply taking the Metro three stops to Bologna and then walking using the map above.


Public Transport Options

While the Tangenziale Est highway is situated close to the Osimar Hotel, our location on Via Felice Grossi Gondi puts this charming Rome accommodation just as close to the peaceful residential area of Viale XXI Aprile. Hotel Osimar Rome is also a mere ten minutes from Piazza Bologna and Bologna Metro stop (line B) and 15 minutes from Tiburtina Metro stop (line B). Guests have the option of utilising the numerous bus, Metro and rail routes to get around and in and out of the city as well as walking and exploring on their own.

3 Star Hotel near Tiburtina

Located on Via Felice Grossi Gondi, the Hotel Osimar Rome is close to several key transport hubs as well as unique historical, cultural, and scenic attractions. While Tiburtina Station offers quick access to Termini, Rome’s central station, within walking distance of the hotel itself is the historic university of La Sapienza and several stunning parks. The 61 bus also runs right past our modern hotel near Tiburtina in a route that will bring guests straight to the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps - two of Rome’s most popular landmarks.

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3 Star Rome Hotel

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Nearby Shops & Services

Hotel Osimar Rome


• Tiburtina Railway, Metro & Bus Station

• Supermarkets

• Market Stalls

• Pharmacy

• Banks

• Non-Tourist Restaurants & Trattorias

Rome Landmarks

• Colosseum - 5 Metro Stops

• Circus Maximus - 6 Metro Stops

• Trevi Fountain - 5 Metro Stops

• Spanish Steps - 6 Metro Stops

• St Peter’s Basilica - 9 Metro Stops

• Vatican Museums - 10 Metro Stops

Parks of Rome

Hotel Osimar Rome

Located just north of the Osimar 3 star Rome hotel near Tiburtina is Villa Ada, one of Rome’s largest parks and the former hunting grounds of the Savoy dynasty (the reigning royal house of Italy from the mid-1800s to 1946). Walking and jogging trails snake through fields, small lakes and forests rich with history.

South of Villa Ada is the more well-known Villa Borghese, Rome’s second largest park, where a veritable wealth of flourishing gardens and historic buildings can be found. The verdant and luxuriant scenery of Villa Borghese is incomparable with other naturalistically decorated areas and the added benefit of the Borghese Gallery with its collection of Caravaggio and Titian masterpieces only enhances its distinction as a significant Rome attraction.

Hotel Osimar Rome

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